Favorite Payment Options Around The World For Crypto

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3 min readDec 3, 2020

The most used payment options differ depending on country, culture and legislation, but we were able to find the most common ones.

According to CoinTelegraph, the largest numbers of crypto users are found in The United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong and Singapore. Those four countries visibly influence the market — their favorite options being found almost everywhere, and can be found on Vertex.Market

1. SEPA Bank

SEPA is short for Single Euro Payments Area, being an initiative of European Union to simplify bank transfers. It is preferred especially because the Credit Transfers are quick, the recipient accounts being credited by the next day.

It’s best for transfers with large amounts of money, EUR deposits and withdrawing.

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2. PayPal

PayPal was developed specifically for online money transfers. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for a PayPal account. Moreover, in the US you are not even charged for money transfers. Its money transfer process usually takes less than 10 seconds.

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3. Credit Card

It would have been weird if the credit card would be missing — there are 2,8 billion credit cards in use worldwide. Besides speed and security, most credit cards offer rewards to their users that make them a great pair for crypto.

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4. ADV Cash

ADV Cash is a platform developed exclusively for crypto trading, followed by ADV Cards. It has the advantage of speed, usability and no fees for Transfers.

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5. Cash (in person)

Yes, you can trade your cryptos face to face with a partner. People tend to feel more secure if they make the payment themselves. The main reason is the lack of trust in technology or in the trading partner.

Not all the crypto trading platforms give you that option, but it sure is something people take advantage of. At the end of the day, disputes over transfer take time and not all the payment providers succeed in deciding who is right.

The offerings on Vertex.Market for Cash deals are shown within your specific country as a person from United Kingdom, cannot do a cash deal with someone in United States.

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Are there any payment particularities in different parts of the world?

It is worth noting that in the UK and US, people also prefer Local Bank wires to perform the transfers. People in the United States even resorted to cash deposits, so that they could invest their earnings later.

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Asian users also add a payment option to the list of favorites — Zelle.

Vertex.Market offers Zelle as a payment method.
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This because most of their transfer activities (including trading) are made with people from the United States. Besides being easy to use, it doesn’t charge you fees.

It is important to follow P2P Trading Platforms like Vertex Market, where you can analyze the top payment options for each one of the 196 countries listed.

Whether you use the P2P Crypto Trading Platforms to generate revenue or simply just to exchange cryptos, having an overview of those payment options will sure come in handy. With qualitative research, you can easily come out with the most attractive offers that will match you with a trading partner in no time.

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