How Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will revolutionize P2P trading

Binance Smart Chain for faster transactions

Since the bull run in 2017, the crypto community has become fully aware of the dark side of blockchain. The fact that transactions can be slow, expensive and therefore not suited for small amounts (up to $500).

Note: Transaction costs on blockchains are not related at all to the amount you send. Sending 100 BTC is not more expensive than sending 0.000001 BTC

Binance Smart Chain, the solution

With the rollout of Binance Smart Chain BSC (not to be confused with Binance chain), Binance has launched a 100% Ethereum compatible and independent blockchain that is faster in terms of block time (confirmation as fast as 2s) and also less congested, despite the already heavy use as it has more capacity than the current Ethereum blockchain.

Bitcoin BTCB? What is BTCB?

As explained above, Binance has the most important coins issued on their blockchain. Those coins have the identical price to the original coin, hence 1 BTCB = 1 BTC in value. The only difference is that BTCB is a wrapper coin of BTC, meaning for each 1 BTCB issued, Binance stores 1 BTC in their secured wallet to ensure you can always swap it back.

Vertex Market & Binance Smart Chain

For our users, this will be a huge improvement for their trading businesses as they will no longer be forced to use the native blockchain with its high transaction cost.

Vertex Market is a P2P Cryptocurrency marketplace created by a team of crypto enthusiasts trying to solve one of the biggest hurdles in the crypto world.