How To Earn With Vertex.Market

How to earn with Vertex.Market

1) Create Your Own Crypto Business Within Your Local Area:

Vertex Market functions as a marketplace where anyone can create their own online business buying and selling Cryptocurrency. To set up your business, all you need to do is create an account and see which Cryptocurrencies are popular or in high demand within your area, and finally, select which geographical location you will target. The opportunities are endless and are only limited by how many payment methods you want to offer across the countries that you will service.

By becoming your own local Cryptocurrency exchange, and providing a competitive price or alternative payment method, otherwise unavailable in your chosen area, you can set up a profitable business, whilst also providing a service to others around you who may not necessarily have access to cryptocurrency.

2) Use Arbitrage To Your Advantage:

Arbitrage is simply the method of buying Cryptocurrency for a cheaper price in one place and then selling it at a higher price elsewhere. Arbitrage is used by many P2P traders to make money in the Cryptocurrency market and it is an easy skill to acquire.

Arbitrage opportunities occur from price variations between exchanges which is caused by volatility, liquidity or even due to regional price differences. In some regions of the world, the price difference on certain Cryptocurrencies are extreme, so if you have access to a cheaper price on an alternative exchange, you can make a large profit by buying and selling elsewhere.

Arbitrage trading on P2P exchanges, not only gives people access to Cryptocurrency who may not have it, but it is also an easy and practical way to make yourself money on the spread.

3) Profit From ‘Payment Methods’ In High Demand:

One of the benefits of P2P exchanges, like Vertex Market, is that they offer people many more payment and withdrawal options to cash-out to your local currency than centralized exchanges. People will often pay a premium price to use certain payment methods that they prefer or are harder to find elsewhere. Cash (fiat) is a great example as it isn’t available on most exchanges.

For example, you could buy Cryptocurrency with a payment method that is widely accessible, thus the price of the Cryptocurrency is far closer to market price, and then go ahead and sell the same Cryptocurrency using another payment method that is less accessible allowing you to profit from those willing to pay a premium for convenience.

This is best achieved on a P2P exchange like Vertex.Market as there are 25 different payment methods to choose from.

4) Refer A Friend To Get A Bonus Reward:

The Referral Program gives you the chance to earn money every time a person that you refer to Vertex.Market makes a trade. One of the main benefits of Vertex Referral system is that we use a 2-Level system where the referrals of your referrals will also benefit you. Up to 75% of fees go to you. Rewards are based on the amount of money your referrals are using on their transactions.


Vertex.Market is running a Cashback system.

Cashbacks are weekly paid in Bitcoin to your wallet on Vertex and are withdrawable and not blocked in any way. Those funds belong to you!

To get a cashback, you have to fulfill certain requirements and conduct at least 1 trade that is eligible for cashback. Every user, no matter where he or her is located is able to participate. Cashback for each trade is 10$
Additional Info:

Vertex Market is a P2P Cryptocurrency marketplace created by a team of crypto enthusiasts trying to solve one of the biggest hurdles in the crypto world.