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2 min readMar 5, 2021

Here is a breakdown of what is new on Vertex

- Withdraw into Exchange Accounts
As the network fees of the two most used blockchains have gone through the roof, we have enabled a feature that allows users, for now only during business hours, to withdraw from their wallet into exchange accounts such as Binance or OKEx directly. This feature is enabled slowly and we will gradually allow more and more users to use it. IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT AN ADMIN IN OUR TG CHANNEL OR WEBSITE SUPPORT.

- Feedback for trades
You can leave a feedback for each trade and rate 1 to 5 stars to the other user along a short feedback. The star-rating and the feedback is visible to all other users and helps to find reputable traders.

- Trading Hours and automatic message
Set your own trading hours where you want to have your offers visible. We will not show your offerings to users outside your hours. Alongside this feature, we have also added the functionality to put an automatic message that all traders get as soon as they open a trade with you.

- Force a dispute
Users can force a dispute by the click of a button after a certain time has passed.

- Trade Requirements
You can now set for each offer specific trade requirements that are shown to other users BEFORE they open a trade, directly in the trade window as well as on all lists. They are marked with an orange exclamation mark.

!! So much more !!
- Users can do more than 1 trade simultaneously

- You can permanently delete offerings - so then no longer show on your offering list.

- Workflow for buy offers has been improved, to reduce confusion on escrow funding.

- User interface upgrades



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