What you should know about Vertex.Market

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2 min readNov 22, 2020


What should you know about Vertex Market?

  • Vertex Market is known not just for the speed, but also for the wide variety of payment options and the security provided.
  • We have over 70,000 users in almost two hundred countries.
  • No deposits are required for creating offers.
  • Depending on the country you are from, users can choose any type of payment available on the platform — like Credit Card, PayPal, MoneyGram, or Western Union. You can even choose a local bank or get to meet the user in person.
  • The cryptocurrencies accepted are those with the biggest market capitalization, both volatile or stable, so we can meet our user’s need: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), LTC (Litecoin), USDT (US Tether), & USDC (USD Coin).
  • We have a pretty streamlined process, where time is reduced for the buyer and seller. You will get a “Action Required” at the top of the screen whenever it is required, the steps are easy to follow, and we also have online support to help you whenever you may need.
  • Not to mention our team is really serious when it comes to guaranteeing safety for our users. For example, if the seller claims that they have not received any payment, the buyer will be asked to present the team a video proof that they actually paid.

Are there benefits?

Of course there are — from our prices to the relationship our team establishes with our users.
We take our support very seriously, and try our utmost best to resolve issues speedily.

Here are some added benefits:

  • We are running a $10 cashback for every trade that is completed on Vertex. Cashbacks are paid monthly in Bitcoin to your wallet on Vertex.
  • You can create your offerings with zero deposit. This means you create your offerings and when someone buys, you can upload the crypto into escrow and then trade. Or once escrow has been added you can send the sold Crypto from your own wallet, outside of Vertex if you want, and receive your escrowed crypto back on completion of trade.
  • We have insurance by British regulated insurance (Lloyds of London). If you are concerned over the safety of funds in your wallet or doing trades, you can take out insurance. You are the insurance taker, not us. You can do this in your wallet.
  • 0.5% fees.
  • You can use a password protection setup for your trades. This setup allows “secret” offerings that can only be accessed with a password, this would be used for regulars/returning buyers. These offerings do not appear on the list, and can only be found by searching directly for an ID/code.
  • We have also implemented a Document Vault. You can verify users and their documents by yourself, on top of our KYC. The buyer must upload specific documents for you to verify before they can trade with you, you can either accept or decline.



Vertex Marketplace

Vertex Market is a P2P Cryptocurrency marketplace created by a team of crypto enthusiasts trying to solve one of the biggest hurdles in the crypto world.